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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 17, 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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american news headquarters with an is right ahead from washington, take care, everybody. >> you are talking about a person whose voting record shows softness on iran and antagonism to israel beyond belief. i think we are doing our job to scrutinize one of the most unqualified radical choices for secretary of defense in a very long time. >> tough touptalk from stiantor lindsay graham on defense nominee chuck hagel. the senator is not backing down and demanding answers on the bengazi attack. the obama administration defended hagel and we'll hear from the president's chief of statch at this hour. i am shannon green. america's news headquarters
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live starts right now. we upon begin in vat vat city, 10s of thousands vatican city where 10s of thens went to see pope benedict xvi. he shocked the world by becoming the first pope in six centuries resigned. the pontiff asked them to pray for him and the next point all of this as cardinals are arriving in rome. there is it a commuter generated images of what happen conclave. they will elect one of the group to elect a leader by secret ballot. the archbishop said all talk of potential candidates end. >> when we go into the
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conclave all of that stops. it is silence inside of the conclave and the really focus is on the power of the holy spirit. i am looking to this as sort of a very, very super retreat. you just start to pray, and the only indication of how things are going is when they count the votes . >> with more on the ancient and unique process of picking the next leader of the roman catholic church, fox corsphondant loren green joins us from new york. >> very good. shannon. >> this is it a fascinating process. >> cardinal said something important. they will pray for what the church needs and one. things i heard from the catholic hierarchy. what the church needs is reevangalation and a lot of talk of picking a pope from
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latin america and afa ca. it is growing without a pope representing those countryings whampt the church is waning is europe and america and the western world. that is where they will have a focus. pope benedict xvi was trying to reach out to the european nation and to the americas because he knows that in the industrialized world there is it a lot of people who don't stee the relevance of the religion and he wants to reenergize that faith. he started the uro faith . amms wrote a book evangelical of catholicism and calling for the church to deepen people's faith. janet? >> all right. thank you very much for the update. can you tell us about what comes next in the process? this pope had specific outreach, but what about the next one. you mentioned there may be
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interest in focusing on somebody to represent the different geoh, graphy. the process seems so secretive. >> i tomit give you ideas who may be in the top. it is important to understand the selection by what the church needs. if you go to the criteria and the church needs to reenergize. cardinal ravizi for culture. he's also the president of a different pontiffical commissions. he's leading the papal lenten retreat it is an honor to lead that retreat. two others had had . both went on to be the pope . cardinal schoola who is italian branch. they make up 25 percent of the cardinals and they center a big voting block . you can see cardinal oley.
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they know him and when you have a short period of time to know them. he's close to benedict and fluint and speaks in six different languagings. cardinal bag nasco. remember the italians, they make up a big voting block . he's a heavyweight. peter turkson is the only african among them from gana and he is president of the ponttifical counselfor justice and peace. he's from africa and fastest growing region in cathlicks . may not be they will pick a pope or cardinal from the african region. they will go toward where they need to reevengalize .
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dark horse fach rit is cardinal dollan of new york. he is loves beer and loves the church and is a great guy . a rock star of the college of cardinals right now. that is it a top few you can look at right now. >> we'll stand by and watch out for the puffs of smoke and as the cardinals go and look for divine intervention. >> the ongoing investigation into what happened in the deadly september 11th terror attack in the u.s. mission in bengazi a hot topic in the sunday shows. here is a sampbling from the white house chief of staff and republican senator lindsay graham who is leading the charge to get more answers. >> our've our counselsent a extensive letter to capitol hill on the response of bengazi. that is it the latest in 20 briefings and hearings that we
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participated in . 10,000 pages of documentings. >> we don't know who changed the talking points to al qaeda or susan rice and we don't even know the survivors of the attack so that congress can interview them. >> the controversy has factored in key confirmation hearings. defense secretary paneta was planing to ease in retirement and instead he's heading to brussel. that's because the republicans refused the confirmation vote on chuck hagel. joining us is indiana senator dan coats. thank you for joining us today. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> tell us about the vote that came together on thursday and saying no, for now we'll not end the debate and put the hagel confirmation to an up or down vote. >> we wanted two more times .
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there is it a number of key answers that are not givenitous by the administration and there is real concern about why the president made the choice with an embarrassing performance on the confirmation process . chuck hagel doesn't seem to be the right person based on performance and policy decisions in the past. we want more time to examine it in more detail and waiting for more answers. >> one of your concerns is his position on iran, explain. >> the iranians have been pursuing nuclear weapon ability for several yearings. we have tried diplomacy and sanctions and none of that worked. senator hagel's position is favorable to the iranian position and not the u.s. position and the confusion in the confirmation hearing over our policy. it was not in coordination with the white house policy.
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he's out of touch and uninformed and that was one much many embarrassing things that came out of that confirmation hearingings. which is why we want more time to process >> you have done a lot of work on iran and the nuclear program. the supreme leader said this week essentially they don't want nuclear weapons and if they did what've want to weaponize no power including the u.s. could stop them at this point, your reaction. >> we can't stop them at this point. we have dilly and dallied over this for a decade. sanctions and diplomacy hasn't change would iran. it is it a serious situation with consequences with the middle east and the rest of the world. the last four presidents of the united states. two republicans and two democratics said it is it
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unacceptable to allow iran to ritain nuclear weapon capability and that portinds a very serious sereese was consequences if we stand by and stand back and let them get away with >> the eventual vote will be in the next week or two and on the nomination much senator hagel. what you have done in blocking want boat is reid said you are ratcheting up the partisanship in washington and the gop is it playing games with us. >> that is classic harry reid. he said that when why do something he doesn't like. if we agreed to everything he wanted to do he might be happy. nevertheless, this is a serious situation when you talk about a secretary of defense. this is the most important choice a president can make. i think he's made a choice even democrats scratching their head and they were
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embarrassed also about the performance, unacceptable performance of chuck hagel before the armed services committee . i think it deserves at least a little time to continue to look at what his position and going and leadership he can or can't provide. i don't know what the democratics will circle the wagon and support the president. but many of them have real concerns over whether it a good choice. >> we'll see if they go public with those. senator dan coats, for your time. >> thank you. >> pakistani officials called a deadly bombing a failure of security and intelligence agencies. security official it is did not act because they are scared of what the terrorist may do to them. 81 people were kim 61 others were injured. a mass funeral is schedule would for todayy. >> republicans are speaking outlet over a new immigration plan floated by the white
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house. the president has a plan he will move forward if congress fails to act on the issue. republican senator marko rub rub who is working on a bipartisan plan in the senate call today a mistake . he went on to say if proposed, the president's bill would be dead on arrival in congress and leaving us with unsecured borders and broken immigration system for years to come. >> no amount of planning or prepation on our part no matter how thorough or careful can mittigate the impact sequestitration would have. >> we are less than two weeks away from the across the board budget cuts known as sequestitration. this week they held hearingings about the reality of what those cuts would mean and so far they haven't come up with a plan to stop it joining us now is scott brown. stiantor good to see you today. >> good afternoon.
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>> you have been there on the hill in the midst of the negotiations and conversations about the issue of sequestitration. what are your hopes looking from the outside in that anything happens before the march 1st deadline. >> it is important to explain to people what sequestitration is and why we did it. remember the credit rating agencies were going to downgrade which they . and we are on a verge of default and the president and leadership team put forth a plan to cut 1.2 trillion over the next two yearings. we were told if it went to a select committee because the cuts were so druconian . they would work it out and we would be able to take those cuts and put them forth in a judicious and thoughtful manner. that hasn't happened. that is it a failure of leadirship not only with administration and both parties to step back and reengage. they should have had another
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select committee go in and working on this 24-7. i hope i am wrong. i feel that sequestitration will go into affect . not only the first half trillion. but now another half trillion dollars go into affect that is going to devastate not only the civilian work force but the contractors and military personalle and leave us in a vulnerable position a. >> you are not allow thinking it will happen. there is a recess in washington and should be working on it 24-7 . the white house said it came from congress and many others say the plan came from the white house. who at this point should be the one to come up with a plan to make it doesn't happen? >> bottom line, the president is the president and he's the commander in chief and his obligation to set forth a plan and it seems like everybody abdiigate add the responsibility to do their jobbings. we were elected to take the
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tough votes and we knew about it for over a year . about back in the end of this last calendar year it was two months to give them a chance to work on it . we'll do everything but workog it i can tell you, i work in the pentagon and spent last five wikes there . i am a colonel and working in the pentagon. it is it the only thing they are thinking about right now and spending a tremendous amount of man and woman hours to try to find a way to implement those cut fist they move forward which it looks like they are going tompt >> the pentagon is sounding the alarm for many months. pan neta said the cuts are devastating . you are on the front line. how much impact will it have domestically and our defense? >> not only affect our defense, i think it will leave us vulnerable but also personalitily it is going to
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affect the folks that provide the services and all the way down to the smallest contractor that provides services through the supply chain all the way up. so it is going to be dramatic and devastate i agree with the secretary. we should have worked on this from day one. i am flagger -- flabbergasted. harry reid could bring them back tomorrow. our country's military and service is so much more important than vacation. come on back and get pizza and something to drink and bang it out and they are not doing that and that is shameful. former stiantor scott brown, great to stee you, thank you. >> senator lindsay graham made news on fox news sunday. brand new information about an old speech by chuck hagel. the latest on the confirmation
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is next . calling the president obama the biggest set of law breakerings. the virginia attorney general is not pulling punches. talk about regulation over load coming up. hi. hi.
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>> in the wake . metor shower that struck russia that injured 1200 people. we are hearing about future threats . the professor for the university of hawaii is looking on a tracking system that will track when and where the metor hits. >> it would position within a mile and happen to a such and such a time. >> the project got five million in funding from nasa. in the end of the day. it is the president's decision and i can't believe one democratic colleague is not upset enough to speak out. >> stiantor graham called hagel a radical choice and in an exclusive interview with chris wallace, graham made the
12:22 pm
case for putting the brakes on. >> nomination of former senator chuck hagel is on hold. do you think he will succeed when we get back from tha brake? >> it is it interesting, we talked about with several people on the i thought so in the beginning of the show and not so sure by the end of the show. lindsay graham is leading the charge and holding upment nomination and he got something moments before going on the air. there a blog report that hagel had said that the state department, that the u.s. state department was adjunct of the israeli foreign ministry and that he thinks israel has an undue influence on the foreign policy. hagel said i never said and i do i want believe it we'll see. to graham is that enough. he said let's make sure it is true. if it turned out it is not
12:23 pm
true and he could be in serious trouble and they want more information. if i had to beat, i beat more chance than not he will get through. but in the panel, we talked to bob woodword and he said some democratics are uneasy with the hagel nomination and in this week, he compared to water gate twist negligent wind that maybe democratics may go to the white house and pressure them to drop hagel, we'll see. >> there are two tracts, objection toz hagel himself and record in the past and using it as leverage to git more've - get more information about bengazi. you think bengazi is it answered it would help approximate hagel to sail through or the delay in time will bring up more time to dig up more things about him? >> state your namely some people who oppose hagel and try to dig up more information
12:24 pm
on him. failing that even if they don't get the answers in bengazi, a lot of senators and republicans are uneasy of blocking a nominee for defense secretary . i would say that unless really damaging information on hagel comes out, that his nomination will be confirmed when they get back from recess the week after next. >> we should know in a couplev weeks, chris, thanks. >> you can catch the entire interview on fox news sunday this sunday. >> he sat down with staintor ram paul. that is 2:00 eastern on fox news. >> federal regulations are nothing news . of news ones in the pipe line. the attorney general said the administration went too far. heap's fighting back right now after this break . i'm a conservative investor.
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>> 10s of thousands of people crowded in st. peter's square for a last chance to see pope benedict xvi. hi, doug? >> hi, shannon, an emotional crowd choired as the pope gave the first sunday blessing since announcing he is retiring. he asked the faithful to pray for him and the next pope. cardinals are arriving in rome to select the next pontiff. the new white house chief of staff said the president is worried about the affects of sequestitration that affect the middle class. they are set to go into place in two weeks. the white house will push for a rainfall amount of spending cuts and additional tax revenues. the republican senator marko rub rub said a draft immigration bill prepared by the white house would be dead on arrival in congress.
12:30 pm
the draft lace out an eight-year process for the illegal immigrants to be resident . ben carson for president? and president obama watching the motivational speaker on health care and taxes and political correctness. those are the top stories right now. >> he is sparking a lot of conversation, thank you, doug. in the last 90 days, the posted 6000 new federal regulation to the website the virginia attorney general wrote a book entitled the last line of defense. attorney general cuccinelli joins us now to talk about the hot topic. >> good to see you, too. >> last time you came on the
12:31 pm
show you were fighting the epa over the water pollutantings whampt else do you outline in the book? >> that was the second of the lawsuits for the epa . both of them had democratic co--plaintiffs. it is not a republican undertaken. we sued not not because they don't like policy. but we sue them when they tample the constitution and break the law. this administration is doing that with a speed of none before it in years in my lifetime. >> in addition to the regulations, they come from federal agencies, there is sort of the what people call a regulatory cliff going on things are rolling from from the president a healthcare law and dodd-frank and they add up. >> they add up and they are devastating to the opportunity in the economy and that is it liberty in the economy . that's what we want people to exercise and one of the things that made this a great and
12:32 pm
unique nation. in the book we talk about how they cross the lines and particularly from the regulatory agenciless and that just handed enormous power to a number of agencies . epa and fcc and national labor relations board and the president lost last month to us in the epa case and they lost in the lrb manner . that is what he is not baking off of. i don't see a slow down in the fight for liberty that the states are carrying on for the first four years of the administration as we head in the next four. >> they are stipulative of the regulations . they say he has to step in where congress is in grid lock. we need regulations to make sure we have clean air and safe roadways, so why not? >> that is contrary to why we have a congress and senate and why we have the house.
12:33 pm
they represent us, too. and as the president tried to say to the speaker, i won, get over it the speaker pointed out. we have a majority here, too. there was nolt a clear message coming out of november 12th in that respect. they all woir an oath to uphold the constitution and defend the laws of the united states and they are breaking them. those of us in the states and attorney generals in particular are pushing back. we have done that for years and that is accelerate we will see more of that in the future . we talk about how that is it going on right up to the case. >> this president is a former instructor and an attorney and well educated himself. but he is the president of the united states and disregard disobeying the constitution. that is a tough charge. >> i would say trampling it. he views the constitution as what he thinks it out to mean
12:34 pm
at that and for scholars and professorings . the constitution written to mean one thing forever and it was approximate given a way to amenda. we have done it 28 times and once we undid one from prohibation and it can be done and should be done. this president said if i want it and congress won't give it to me, i will go get it and i as attorney general and others step in and say no, you don't have that authority. you are trampling the constitution and we will difend it ourselves. >> all americans should be concerned with any lawmaker that has that attitude. an interesting new book. thank you for joining us, good to be here. >> a new name is added to the distingished list. there is it a story of courage under fire. >> staff sergeant clint, served two towers in iraq and
12:35 pm
one in stanford. he came from a family of veterans and married a high school sweetheart tamep and had three kids. in october everything change would. a predawn ambush in the pakistan border. 300 taliban stormed the base where 50 american soldiers became sitting ducks in a valley surrounded by mountains owned by the income. >> what happened next is one of the most intense battles of the entire war in stanford. the attackers had the advantage and high grounds and mountains above and unleashing everything they h. >> the sergeant and others jumped from their bids and he managed to call in air support that killed 30 insurgent. rockit grenad explode cent chap nel in his hip and arm and neck. came within 10 feet.
12:36 pm
>> they charged and they kept 50 meters and 80s and 100 meter run through a hail of bullets . they reached their fallen frinds and they brought them hoim. >> staff sergeant clint romesha is a reb luctant hero. >> this awarted is for the eight soldiers that didn't make it and the rift of the team that fought valiently and magnif stently that day. >> their parents were at the white house for the medal of honor ceremony. his fellow soldiers would follow staff sergeant roimsha to hell and back and they did in a remote outpoist in stanford. fox newings. >> one hero story to another. a southern california woman who never knew her father would receive his purple heart and half other medals he got. the medals were found in an
12:37 pm
apartment building that the woman's mother lived in 50 years ago. it was obtained by a nonprofit that reued medals with the veterans. >> great mission. >> a shocking attack on a delta flight. can you imagine someone wanting to hurt them. >> a toddler's father and mother are shocked after a man taunted their baby with a racial slur and goes after the baby. a live report on the shocking, that's after the break . [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. it's a challenge to balance work and family. ♪ that's why i love adt.
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>> it was the not so friendly scice for one mother and child flying from minneapolis. her two year old son trauma tideitized by a man who slapped the by in a flight from atlanta.
12:42 pm
hi, molly. >> hi, shannon, under the cramp would conditions of a plane flight if you travel with a toddler knows it is challenging. but no parent expects a child to be struck with violence. an idaho man did that. joe hunley is facing a charge seen in a mug shot from a previous arrest. high is accused of issuing a racial slur and slapping a two year old in the face. hunly president of unitech composit. it is it a manufacturer for military applications in iowa suspended from his job pinding the investigation. the mom boarded the flight. the man next to her complain was drinking and was belingerent. she decided to spend time with the child standing and not in
12:43 pm
the seat. she and jonah decided to sit down. as the all theitude changed hunley demanded that the child be silenced and used a racial slur and lashed out. >> he fell on to my face and his mouth was in my ear and he said it again and more hateful and his arm was on my face and i pushed him away and that's when he slapped john. so people saw. court papers do reveal anotherparage heard derogatory language and got out of his seat to investigate in time to witness the atax. hunly is charged with simple assault and the f.b.i. is investigating. >> thank you for the uplater this month the supreme court will take up the case. can the defendant take a dna
12:44 pm
sample. but we'll debate the issue later in the show and we'll want to know what you think. should people be able to take your dna and before you are convicted of anything. tweet your answers at shannon bream . we'll read the answers in the show . next up. first tough sack faces made. that's next. hi. hi.
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taking a look at top store storse, senator lindsay graham is not backing down on hagel nomination. graham calm would hagel one of the most radical choices to be secretary. senator john mccain said it is time to allow the vote to go forward. in rhode island they are marking a grim anniversary. it is 10 years since the tragic night club fire that kill would 100 people . that will include reports from the governor and former governor. it started by the great white pyrotechnicings. michael jordan turned 50 today
12:49 pm
and viewed by many as bist basketball player ever. nhappy birthday to air jordan. >> he grew up in silver spring maryland and became a rabbi . there is it a sacrifice along with the triumph. joining us to talk about it. welcome. sir, thank you so much and testimony us about the journey. >> it is really first of all great to be on with you. it is remarkable . growing up. my father was a federal judge and father-in-law was in the united states military. very american and patriotic and true to american strailings. mipe wife and i moved to israel eight and half years ago. i am an educator by trade but got swipt up in political activism . i am blessed to be a member of
12:50 pm
the israeli parliment and i had to forego mirn citizenship to make that happen. you wrote a beautiful letter talking about the bitter sweetness. your heart is heavy and eyes fill with tears as i raise my standing as american to an end. it is only official because america will always be part of you. this is clearly was your life calling and work to move ahead. how did it feel to make such a tough choice? >> it sister difficult. the biggest issue for me. i didn't want america as an enity or american necessary general to feel a slap in the face and stanteding there and renouncing citizenship is a statement of i am not part of you anymore and therefore, the letter i wrote thank you america was important for me to be able to express all that the united states had done for me and my father's family and running away from russia, my
12:51 pm
mother's and giving us an opportunity to be religious jews in a free country. i didn't want any sense much not being grateful and that letter was important. as i raised my hand and there were tears and it was very difficult. >> you are in stutch a unique poborn and raise indeed america and also very deep root necessary israel and you are now an elected official. can you bring a different view point about the current relationship with israel and the united states? >> when i stood up in the knessit ber and said in hebrew i obligate myself and took the oath of office. i filt the weight and burden of that and i embraced that. i believe i can be a positive voice for israel to the united states and world and convey the beaut i and amazing things that are happening in israel and bring a different type of
12:52 pm
conversation and dialogue with israeli politics as well there is a certain culture embleded in israeli politics. it is it a more dignified out look that we are used to in the united states and i hope i bring that to the israeli knesset as well. >> you will rimain a red skins and orioles fan and continue to cultivate though you are an ocean away. >> there are parts of america you can never take away. childhood teams are always a part. i was asked to throw out the opening ball and i went out in my redskins jirsy and certain things i will never say goodbye. sports atspect is a lighter. but values oferance and respect and hard work ethnic in all of my year necessary want united states. i bring all of that with me to the knesset and it is
12:53 pm
something we never forget but always a part of me. >> rabbi, thank you foring the journey with us. we wish you all of the best. >> thank you stow much. have a wonderful day. >> still ahead. when a view goes too far. a that left a defendant dead and is the government pressuring people too much to get plea deems. that story is next. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility.
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>> shannon: the process of piling on charges to force a plea bargain has become to common place among prosecutors that throwing the book at a defendant is a bit of a cliche these days. is it always the fairest way to find justice. in some legal scholars say the current system encourages prosecutors to stack the deck. >> before aaron schwartz committed suicide. federal prosecutors charged him with 13 counts of wire and computer fraud. enough to put h him behind bars for 35 years, more than any murder defendants place all for illegally downloading millions of documents available for a fee at the mit library. >> it has become routine for prosecutors when they decide to indict to pile on every conceivable charge you could possibly stretch the law somehow to interpret as
12:58 pm
applicable. >> they charge people with a lot of crimes as a way to pressure people into taking a plea deal. it just doesn't matter for them. >> defendants who choose trial are further squeezed at both ends of the justice system. first by grand juries which often rubber stamp the prosecution case. >> the court doesn't do enough to explain what they are allowed to do and to do their own policing of grand juries and what happens it is left to the prosecutor. >> and later by sentencing guidelines which limit a judge's leniency. >> the price you pay is you are lookly to end up with a heavier sentence. >> you give them limited immunity. tell them come in and talk to me. we won't use your statements against you. >> but it is a tactic that ambitious prosecutors often objection. few who strive for higher office are rewarded by being
12:59 pm
soft on crime. >> that is one way they are measured and evaluated to pressuring people into a plea bargain that counts as conviction makes them look good. >> they are proposing a loser pay. where prosecutors who loss pay for the prosecution. firearms and manufacturers say pull their business out of one state over two gun law proposals. radical and unqualified. plenty more to say about hagel and the holdup surrounding h his confirmation. saying goodbye. pope benedict holds the first public appearance since announcing his resinnation. and does law enforcement have the right to make you give a dna example before you are are
1:00 pm
ever convicted of a crime? i'm shannon bream. advocates and both sides of the emotional gun control debate are keeping a close eye on colorado. the state legislature is quickly pushing through a gun control package that includes ammunition limits and eastbound anded background checks but that is prompting the largest ammunition manufacturer to threat ton leave if lawmakers pass the measure banning high capacity magazines. adam housely has more. hi, adam. >> reporter: we are seeing the debate at the national level in the wake of aurora and sandy hook but also at the local level as well and colorado is the state most recently and we are seeing this in california as well as new york but most recently this weekend was colorado with vice president biden even calling some lawmakers in more moderate districts you urging them to ve for the measures. four different gun bills. everything from the ban on magazines that hold more than
1:01 pm
15 rounds to a gun tax on all purchases but it is the ban on magazines that has coloradans most upset. one major manufacturer in the state actually manufacturers magazines. they say this is an attack not only on freedoms but on jobs. >> 200 jobs right here at the assembly shipping and design and headquarters facilities and probably another 400 or even more at the is survivors you plier, sub contractors and service providers throughout colorado. >> back to the four gun bills that were passed. the magazine is one of those. also including a gun tax on all purchases. a ban on all private sale of firearms and institute of the universal background checks passed during a one day marathon session. lawmakers on the democratic side of the legislature say this is absolutely necessary. take a listen. >> the common thread that we see in these massacres is is they are using high capacity magazines so they can unload as
1:02 pm
many bullets as they can to kill as many people as they can in our schools, in our theaters and in our church. >> now, some lawmakers are hoping this does not become law. it goes, of course, to the next is step on monday. as you can imagine, shannon, this whole battle over just in colorado is really starting to be played out in other states as well. seeing it again in new york, california, other states are promoting some of these things and you are seeing the support coming from the white house. again, vice president biden made a number of phone calls and really touted the bills and pushed many lawmakers to vote in favor of them yesterday. shannon? >> shannon: there are always consequences to every decision we make. thanks for filling us in on this one. it has been more than five months since the u.s. consulate and annex in benghazi was attacked and four americans were killed. since then every day a new detail or revision or contradiction of what we heard earlier. that was the topic of discussion for lindsey graham on "fox news sunday" and how it relates to a few of president
1:03 pm
obama's cabinet picks. steve centanni has more on this. >> lindsey graham now says he is worried not only about benghazi but about a speech chuck hagel gave about israel's influence in washington. listen to this. >> allegedly senator hagel said that the u.s. state department was an adjunct of the israeli foreign minister's office which i think would be breathtaking if he said that to have such a view. >> graham says hagel wrote him a letter denying the comment and he will accept that unless more information emerges. hagel's nomination was held up in the senate last week by an historic filibuster. senator john mccain thinks the vote should go forward even though he doesn't think hagel is the best pick for the job. >> i don't believe he is is qualified but i don't believe that we should hold up the nomination any further because it is a reasonable amount of time to have questions answered. >> congress wanted more answers about the attack in benghazi,
1:04 pm
question hes the president thinks were politically motivated. >> that was largely driven by campaign stuff because everything about that we have had more testimony and more paper provided to congress than ever before and congress is sort of running out of things to ask. >> so the nominations of chuck haig toll be defense secretary and john brennan to head the cia both hanging in the balance now which the white house says is a grave concern. >> between john brennan, cea director and chuck hagel as secretary of defense we want to make sure that we have those guys sitting in the chairs working because i don't want there to have been something missed because of this hangup here in washington. >> and congress now in recess for the president's day holiday. shannon? >> shannon: steve, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: there is no sign of any deal to avoid the automatic across-the-board budget cuts known as sequestration. one of the agencies that would be hardest hit by this, of course, is the pentagon.
1:05 pm
outgoing defense secretary leon panetta says it would be devastating to the military. joining us to talk about that and more retired four star general and former vice chief of staff to the army general jack keene. good to see you. thanks for coming in. what is your take on sequestration. there was heated back and forth on the hill between lawmakers and folks from the pentagon each accusing each other of not getting this wrapped up. law makers saying the pentagon is not truly he planning for the eventuality looks like now it will happen. >> the words that the leaders of the defense department are using and others, devastation are unprecedented. we have to listen to them and take them serious. what the viewers should understand is that the defense department leaders are not insensitive to the economic crisis this country is facing with the debt and deficit and recognize that the defense department has to be reduced to some degree. what many of the viewers don't know is that there has been a cut that has already been taken
1:06 pm
agreed to last year of a $487 billion. the sequestration cut for the department of defense is another $500 billion on top of that. many analysts believe the first cut provided too much risk to the country. the second cut is devastating in terms of weakening the military. listen, our economy has weakened this country for sure. our adversaries recognize that. i think they are absolutely stunned we going to weaken our military as well and that will happen. >> shannon: do you think washington doesn't get it? >> i think they do understand but they are just not capable of doing what is right. and it astonishes me and when you deal with them on an individual basis i mean there is really some great people there. but as a group it just is disappointing. >> shannon: there is concern on both sides of the aisle. we have plenty of democrats and republicans saying we do not want this to happen but seems like they can't find any middle ground. no one has come up with a plan to make sure that it doesn't. how does this make our folks in
1:07 pm
the military feel when they're the ones who are out there on the the frontlines that don't have the money to complete their mixes or for the necessary equipment knowing that another $500 billion in cuts is coming? >> i think they still have some faith that at the end this will probably not happen but the impact on them would be very significant. listen we will it continue to have the best ships, the best airplanes, the best tanks, the best communications, the best missiles for some is time to come. but the fact of the matter is our preparedness will go down rather dramatically. in other words, we will not sail as much. we will not fly as much. we will not train the ground forces as much and that is something that will frustrate them because what that really means to them is they are considerably at more risk. >> shannon: i want to ask you while we have you about the nuclear test in north korea. speculation about the potential that iran was involved. one report that iran's top nuclear scientist was there. what do you make of this test? what does it mean for the region and what does it mean
1:08 pm
for us? >> we have to take it seriously. this is a rogue state we have been dealing with for years that is totally isolated from most of the rest of the world certainly. the fact of the matter is they do work in tandem with the iranians and that has to be of concern for us. nuclear proliferation is on the rise. north korea is weaponnizing. the test was about creating a warhead that they can put on top of a missile which they have already developed. serious business. something that the pentagon has to have capabilities to deal with and we do. the geopolitically what it means for north korea and the region is regime preservation. they fundamentally believe as do the iranians there is no invasion in iraq in 2003 if saddam hussein had a nuclear weapon. we can speculate either way on that. the fact of the matter is they believe that. that is one thing for them and gives them huge influence in the region. those are the issues there and we have to be concerned about the iranians working with them because they are next in
1:09 pm
developing the same kind of capability. >> shannon: a lot of things we need to be prepared for out there, general. thank you very much for your time. >> always good seeing you, shannon. >> shannon: there are reports that the white house draft thed an immigration plan that would provide millions of illegal immigrants already living here in the u.s. the path to legal residency. the devil is always in the details. >> the president's new immigration plan is already raising plenty of republican eyebrows here on capitol hill. even with some of the details are still a little sketchy. according to a draft that was leaked to usa today the president wants to create a special new visa specifically for illegal immigrants that would allow them to stay in the country while they wait for permanent legal status. even those with criminal records would be welcomed so long as they haven't been convicted of three crimes or spent more than a year in prison. it appears to be a long way from the bipartisan plan show slowly taking shape here on capitol hill wielde which leade
1:10 pm
republicans to question why the plan was leak. >> leaks don't happen in washington. this raises the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or another codgill to beat up republicans to get political advantage in the next election? >> the white house says the president is simply following through on his promise to have a plan of his own ready to go if congress fails to act. >> all it says to me is that we are doing exactly what we said we would do. we will be prepared in the event that the bipartisan talks going on the hill which we are aggressively supporting, if those do not work out we will have an option that we will be ready to put out there as the president said in las vegas. >> the real sticking point for many republicans will come down to border security. the bipartisan plan that is coming together here is expected to require that the borders be secure before there is a final pathway to citizenship. so far, based on what we have seen reported on the
1:11 pm
president's plan that trigger mechanism, shannon, doesn't appear to be part of the white house bill. >> shannon: that could create problems on the hill. doug, thank you you very much. as doug mentioned there are a lot of folks on the hill concerned about immigration reform. senator jeff sessions is one of them. he says he is committed to seeing current laws enforced before washington starts drafting new ones. i talked with him about that earlier. >> a problem throughout the system. it is really a dysfunctional system. for example we just got confirmed a few days ago that virtually no one is being examined before they enter the country on whether or not there will be a public charge. that is whether or not they will immediately begin to depend on government welfare. the law is for 100 years you should not be admitted to the united states if you are immediately going to need government assistance. so that is a real serious problem and we find that they are not enforcing it whatsoever.
1:12 pm
any reform of immigration has got to end that. we have got plenty of people quite capable of taking care of themselves financially being denied admission to the country so this is just one of the problems that has got to be fix. >> i know that a number of immigration and customs enforcement agents are actually suing the administration saying that the administration is keeping them secretary napolitano and i.c.e. director morton from being able to uphold the law and uphold their oath to uphold the federal constitution and the laws as well. you called for the resignation of the ice director. why. >> he has been held no confidence by the ice officers association. issued regulation after regulation that basically totally make the efforts to enforce the law ineffectual. he is undermining the law, not enforcing the law. he needs to go. and morale in that department i.c.e. is one of the lowest in the entire government of all of
1:13 pm
the agencies in the government. he has not led and he needs to go. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the nomination of jack lu to serve as the next treasury secretary. you suggested that he has lied under oath to congress. what is that all about? >> he announced the budget that he drafted as office of management and budget director, he said it would not add to the debt and spend only money that we have and put us in a position to pay down the debt and it was i believe the greatest false statement on finances ever issued by an american official. because the lowest single annual deficit in his own budget was $600 billion in one year. going up every year thereafter. they are adding $13 trillion to the debt. it absolutely added to the debt. it absolutely spent money that we could only borrow that we did not have. and we would never in a -- we were never in a position to pay down the debt. such a fundamental false statement to the american
1:14 pm
people, lulling them and telling the american people we are okay, we have got a budget plan that is going to fix america's problems when just the opposite is true. just the opposite. we need leadership from the white house. we needed leadership and honest report from the budget director. we didn't get it. i don't think he ought to be promote. >> shannon: one word answer because we are out of time. would you filibuster him? >> we'll see. i haven't decided. i'm definitely oppose to the nomination. >> shannon: thank you. good to see you. this morning tens of thousands of people jam inside st. peter's square for one of their last chances to see pope benedict. the pontiff's regular blessing was his first since he shocked the world by becoming the first pope in more than six centuries to reseen. chanting long live the pope the crowd applauded to pray for him and the next pope. all this as cardinals are starting to arrive in rome to choose the next pontiff. you are looking at computer generated images of what
1:15 pm
happens in the process called a con clave. after days of intense debate the cardinals file into the sistine chapel and elect one of the group to be the new leader by a secret ballot. washington archbishop said when the con clave begins all talk about the candidates ends. >> when we go into the con clave all of that stops. it is silence inside the conclave and the real focus is on the power of the holy spirit. i'm looking to this as sort of a very, very superretreat. you just start to pray and the only indication you get of how things are going is when they count the votes. >> shannon: the vat the kansais the conclave may start before march 15. the earliest date it can begin under current rules is because this is a resignation instead of a sudden papal death.
1:16 pm
they fought for rights overseas and now some veterans are fighting for benefits at home. is senator rand paul planning to follow in his father's footsteps and make a run for the white house in 2016? we will fill you in next. i would absolutely not run unless it were to win. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience.
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>> shannon: new england has barely dug out from last weekend's blizzard and now parts of the region being slammed by another form. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for boston, cape cod, nantucket and surrounding areas. gusty winds and up to 10 inches of snow are expect the. meteorologistists say it will probably turn into a blizzard in eastern maine and western canada later this afternoon. >> shannon: many of the men and women who fought this nations wars now have another battle on their hands. douglas kennedy tells us about the battle they are facing right here at home to try to get their benefits. >> 112 days. there were three other divisions hit the philippines at the same time. in 1944, ero spent months
1:21 pm
fighting the japanese during world war ii. >> this is your uniform from the pacific where you won a purple heart and a bronze star. >> yes, i did. >> tell me about that. >> well, we made a landing in new guinea and that is where i got the bronze star. >> the former staff sergeant and fellow american soldiers were is successful at defeating the japanese but for years he has been unsuccessful at defeating the bureaucracy at the veterans administration. is v.a. cannot decide whether he can hold down a regular job. his daughter becky is outraged. >> your father is 93 years old. can barely walk. he definitely cannot work. >> it is an atrocity that the v.a. would ask whether a 93-year-old with his health conditions could possibly hold down a job. >> he is not alone. veterans rights groups say the
1:22 pm
v.a. is hopelessly slow in making what everyone calls simple decisions. >> it is crazy. it is insane that a veteran in his 90s has to prove that he is unable be to work. in a statement, the d.a. defended its benefits office saying disability claims have is increased nearly 50% since 2008. outpacing the v.a. current claims processing capacity. >> the v.a. says they have a lot claims and everybody simply has to wait. unfortunately, your father doesn't have that much time to wait. >> no, not at the 3. >> she says all of the veteran -- no, not at 93. >> she says all of the veterans needs to be fast tracked and the v.a. needs to use a little more common sense. in iowa, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> shannon: next up, can police take your dna before you are ever charged with a crime or convicted? a fair and balanced debate. don't forget to tell us how you feel. tweet us your opinion on this question. as fighting rages on between rebels and government forces in
1:23 pm
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>> shannon: the united nations envoy is back and opposition leader call for talks between syria's guest and rebel forces. it comes as the fighting drags on in the country's two-year-old civil war. conor powell is in the middle east newsroom with more. hello, corner. >> hello, shannon. in recent days we have seen heavy fighting around the northern town of ale about po as rebels make an all out push to capture several syrian military air bases and have reportedly captured two of the airports. assad's troops have responded by shelling several rebel held area. at the fighting is has intensified and the israeli military has confirmed it has taken in is seven syrians injured in fighting, these are the first known syrians to be
1:28 pm
treated in israel during the civil war. the u.n. is again making a push to open up talks between the assad regime and opposition leaders. both sides throughout the two year long war have refused to talk to each other. the opposition leaders are saying they would engage in talks only if assad and his security officials are not part of the talks. as the u.n. tens to push the u.n.-backed talks they really have not pushed much mckinley of momentum to end of way fighting. right how to more than 70,000 killed, shannon. >> shannon: taking a look at some of today's other top stories. republican senator marco rubio says that a leaked draft proposal by the white house would be "dead in congress."
1:29 pm
today on the sunday talk shows president obama's chief of staff said the white house hasn't proposed anything to capitol hill yet. in rhode island, they are marking a grim anniversary. ten years since the tragic nightclub fire in west warwick that killed 100 people. survivors and family members plan an afternoon service that will include remarks from the governor and former governor. the fire was started by the band great white's pyrotechnics. a golf channel analyst tweeted that the president and tiger woods were playing with the owner of the floridian yacht club who also owns the houston astros. the president on a three day get away while his wife is skiing out west with their daughters. if you are arrested but before you are ever convicted of anything should the government be able to require you to hand over a dna sample? the supreme court will consider that question later this month in a case of a man who was arrested for assault, forced to give a dna sample which linked
1:30 pm
him to an unsolved rape of which he was ultimately convicted. he said the dna collection resulted to an unreasonable search and seizure and should be tossed. the appeals court agreed. allan, they got a bad guy tore taking his dna so what is wrong with it? >> you are innocent until proven guilty. i think i have the conservative position here. conservatives say they want less government entruck into our personal lives. anybody could be arrested and that doesn't mean the person is guilty and then you get the person's dna and then the government stores the dna and access to family history, health information, all kinds of personal information and that information could then be used against that suspect for perhaps a future crime without articulatable suspicion that somebody is guilty of anything without a warrant to do this as a fourth amendment violation. >> what about the fourth amendment?
1:31 pm
unlawful, unreasonable search and seizure. people say dna is the road map to the most personal information. why should the government be able to take it before you are convicted? >> you have to strike a balance. they put in unreasonable. i'm a big fan of the bill of rights and the fourth amendment. this particular case out of maryland is a gentlemen named alonzo king, a rapist, a monster and they were able to gather under the state of maryland dna collection law some dna samples on him and thus linking him to a previously unsolved case. we do all kinds of things to people before conviction, alan. sometimes we put them in prison before they are convicted. we certainly fingerprint them. this a dna collection is really not all that much more invasive than fingerprints. >> because we do all kinds of things to people before conviction doesn't make it right. i'm surprised to hear a conservative such as your isself to say the government
1:32 pm
can this this information to your health h history and family history and all kinds of information they can glean about you. i don't see how a conservative could support this. >> i will tell you exactly how. conservatives support it because it helps law enforcement and helps keep rapists off the street. it becomes unreasonable if it is ripe for abuse in some way in which we believe that people's lives are being dill tarously affect. >> you could say it helps -- >> where is one case story of somebody whose dna is on file whose life has been adversely affected against it? >> you could say law enforcement by having martial law. >> shannon: that man who was convicted of the rape and had it overturned when won in the appeals court. i want to read what they said. the judge glen t. harold who wrote for the majority saying, yes, it went too far taking his dna said king as an arrestee had an expectation of privacy to be free from warrantless searches of his biological
1:33 pm
material. mark, you don't agree? >> i don't. there are things that we do. i mean there is a bar -- >> that doesn't make it right. >> once you have. >> i didn't interrupt you. there are things that will be done. we will actually jail you without all of the due process if we think you need to begalled and take fingerprints and question people. you life is going to be under examination if you are arrested for a violent felony. that is where the bar is. we are not going to people's houses and plucking them off the street and saying hey, dna check time. it is under specific circumstances and allan, are you telling me it is a better country, a better, maryland, in this state if we hadn't done this because then this guy would not be in jail for rape he would be on the streets. >> a better country, if i could just respond it is a better country we we observe the constitution. you conservatives love say how you love the bill of rights but you are not respecting the bill of rights if the fourth amendment violation is allowed to stand. what is the old saying better
1:34 pm
than a guilty person goes free that an innocent person be convicted and jailed and. >> i agree with you about that. i absolutely agree with you about that but this has nothing to do with guilty people being adversely affected or innocent people. >> you don't know whether they are innocent or guilty before they get a conviction. >> i want to read what the dissenting judge said because she did think that this was reasonable. here is what judge mary ellen barbaro said collecting dna by rubbing and rotating a cotton swab on the inside of a cheek is much less invasive than search is approved by the supreme court, things like routine strip searches for people arrested for minor crimes and held in the general jail population. how do you respond? >> i think it is wrong to have routine strip searches. sim is maniy because the government does things as a matter of course doesn't mean it is right. that doesn't mean there aren't other violations of the fourth
1:35 pm
amendment. to do this without a warrant is wrong and not the kind of country i think even conservatives want to live in. >> i understand but the kind of country i want is where reasonable law enforcement tactics are used in order to catch guilty people and put them in prison. the system he worked and worked perfectly in this particular inmates case. >> you you could be arrest ared reit now walking out of the studio, they could stop you and you could be arrested and they take a swab and you have done nothing wrong and the government has access to your dna. and they can use it for any reason against you even a crime you may commit down the road. >> shannon: the best policy is don't commit crimes. we will leave it at that. >> if i'm a violent felon, take my dna. >> shannon: the justices will decide this and we will at least hear the case. there are 28 states that allow this to happen after you are arrested. thanks to mark and allen. see you again soon. >> thank you. >> so much influence in the
1:36 pm
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>> shannon: it is one of president obama's favorite spots to grab a height but now ray's hellburger is shutting down. they were reportedly evicted for failing to pay rent. a second location has also closed. president obama has visited the spot with vice president biden and russian president dmitriy medvetev. >> will he or won't he run for president in 2016? senator rand paul sounded pass he has already made up h his mind and the answer could be, yes. he says he believes voters are ready for a libertarian minded republican candidate. >> we won't take a decision
1:41 pm
until 2014 but i think i do want the party to become a national party again and not lose sight of how we grow as a party. i will continue in that vein for a couple of years and then we will decide. >> he insists if he gets in the race for the white house he will be in it to win it. see chris wallace's entire exclusive interview with the senator on "fox news sunday" right after our show. >> they are in many cases quite frankly more interesting as human beings than their husbands. if only because they are not first and foremost defined and consequently limited by political ambition. >> shannon: did you know that caroline harrison was the first first lady to have is a christmas tree in the white house or jackie kennedy was the first to have a press secretary? the new series explores the women behind america's most powerful men. series producer andy oak and executive producer mark farkas here to tell us about the project and how it got started just in time for president's
1:42 pm
day weekend. welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> glad to be here. >> shannon: andy, what are we going to learn? >> an interesting component of the series is the location shoots that were going on and doing in addition to their time in the white house. we care about these women because they are first ladies. we care about them because of their husbands but they have lives before the president icy and lives after the presidency. for instance, martha, washington, we have been to four different places to put the puzzle pieces in for the big picture. been to philadelphia, valley forge, mount vernon, of course, a huge part of the story and also gone to williamsburg to learn about martha, washington, before she was martha, washington, with her first husband daniel custus and how she would become the most eligible widow in virginia. >> shannon: and something that we don't know about all of the first ladies that we had. mark, anything that you learned that was surprising or you
1:43 pm
think may surprise the american people. in. >> we are continuing to learn and one of the fascinating things for us about the series is it is a way to explore american history that is sort of underdeveloped. taking a look through the prism of first ladies. the more you learn about them the more i'm fascinated. for nancy regans and eleanor roosevelts that we heard about, some of these women their names have been lost to history. those shows ex-kite us even more because the entire program will be something new for people. >> shannon: there are some stories behind the men and, of course, they are the headliner especially a hundred years ago they are the only ones that -- we didn't have the internet and none of the first ladies were tweeting and we didn't know what was going on with them. did you find that many times the first ladies were sort of really the ones to help push their husband's agenda or push ideas that they thought the president should be acting on? >> very much so. from early on first ladies are a lot more outspoken than maybe
1:44 pm
we see or that history portrayed them. abigail adams was telling her husband from the very beginning if you don't remember the ladies and keep them in mind you will have real problems. and she is the second first lady of the united states. so to be out that forefront in thinking and abolition, there were a lot of mixture between north and south and a lot of first ladies took stands on that and started things we wouldn't have known about as far as helping orphans of the civil war and taking on causes early that weren't so widely publicized or continued by the next first lady but significant to each of their own administrations. >> shannon: many are able to take on causes important to them and bring on a lot of awareness, mark. >> now, they are all out in front of the camera. obviously mrs. obama. go back to eleanor roosevelt who was advocating for a lot of issues. sometimes they are on the forefront on things that are going on in the country. eleanor roosevelt was holding
1:45 pm
press conferences in the white house but only female reporters were allowed. so the stodgy newspapers had to hire women. >> shannon: there is so much that you will unfold and you put months and months and years into getting this ready. rolls out starting tomorrow night on c pan and every monday there on through. a year long project. >> it as two season project. season one goes february through you june and season two we will take the summer off and starts up in september and goes through president's day 2014. >> shannon: i guarantee we will all learn something. thank you for your work on this project. >> thank you. >> shannon: up next a look at the stories you are checking out online. we will take you to los angeles where supporters of an admitted killer are congregating in front of police headquarters. why they feel the plight of
1:46 pm
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>> shannon: last night south african television aired the first episode of a reality tv show fee auteuring the slain girlfriend of olympic agent theater oscar pistorius. reeva steenkamp's family wanted
1:50 pm
it to air as a tribute to her. her funeral will be held tuesday in her hometown. pistorius agent says his client has received overwhelming support from fans injuries he remains in custody charged with murder in the shooting death. hard to believe but supporters of chris dorner are rallying in front of lapd head quarters. doug is standing by with a look at all of them. >> reporter: the protesters say they are against police corruption and brutality and they believe dorners claims of racism from the department and say they are against his deadly efforts of retaliation but upset by the man hunt where several people were mistaken tore dorner when supporters said policed that no intention of bringing him in alive. another pop allurepopular stor. a woman has married her twin
1:51 pm
sister's killer. her twin edith says he is innocent. she says the couple wants to have children but it will have to wait because he is serving a 13 year sentence. edith's family as you might imagine is appalled by the marriage. and if your mom ever embarrassed you when you were a kid at least she didn't strip down in front of your entire school. that is what a 24-year-old did. she was arrested after she jumped on stage during a school assembly and started dancing and undressing. she is charged with child endangerment and public lewdness. if you want to hear any more of the bizarre details on that log on to fox news .com. >> shannon: my mom was a teacher and often substituted in classes. i thought that was emberr embae rasing when she would call me out. i have to apologize to her because that is nothing compared to that mom. american airlines and u.s.
1:52 pm
airways have joined forces. what will it mean for flyers? brenda buttner is here to break it down. >> this american airlines and u.s. airways deal an $11 billion someone a merger that could create the world's biggest airline. >> we will be delivering the most value to our other thans and the greatest benefits to our customers and our people. >> the deal has some hurdles to clear. meantime, it is safe to buy a ticket on either airline. each carrier will operate normally as they begin to combine. that includes selling their own tickets and operating their own flights. eventually the fully merged carrier will honor all future tickets sold on either airline. your frequent flyer miles are safe and will eventually be consolidated by the carriers. accounts of flyers who have miles with both airlines will be merged. >> let's say you have some miles with american and some with u.s. airways, well, we will go ahead and put the
1:53 pm
mileage balances together and maybe you will now have enough for a free trip. >> when two large airlines combine usually your ticket price will go up so i think in the future that is what we might see. >> the one thing is that prices in certain cities could go up because you have less competition. >> will fares go up? it is likely on some routes but a recent study suggests the two previous big airline mergers haven't produced the price hikes many feared. and proponents argue creating a third big global u.s. airline could keep fares in it check by keeping united and delta from using their influence to fares.dick >> it increases competition. it doesn't decrease competition. >> and another detail. the combined airlines expect the to offer more than 6700 daily flights to 56 countries. big, big deal. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: brenda, thank you. >> thank you.
1:54 pm
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it is my color and fits me like it makes me feel like a princess. >> shannon: every girl wants to feel like a princess on prom night and now many can thanks to one store p. efforts. they make prom possible for girls who wouldn't be able to otherwise afford the expensive gowns. the owner sells donated gowns for $10. accessories like jewelry and shoes go for even less. a minnesota artist has a bright idea to get into the guinness book of world records. along with 300 volunteers
1:59 pm
trying to build the largest light bright mural ever. it is made up of a half a million light bright pieces. remember the mini pegs used in the iconic toy and also known to moms around the world as vacuum food. the standing record had 350,000 pegs. before we go, today we have been asking if police should be able to take your dna after you are arrested but before you are convicted of anything. the supreme court will debate that later this month. tiv says yes, dna should be recorded at birth as a matter of course and kept on a database. jeff says absolutely, yes. to could save lots of time and money in court. steve wrote without probable cause of any other crime prior to the araft i say no to dna. a lot of you felt the same way. this was the most evenly divided. you are passionate on both sides just like our debate. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is next. chris wallace has an exclusive interview


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